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Apple stock drops to eight dollars and ninety five cents for the holiday season

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Apple stock drops to eight dollars and ninety five cents for the holiday season

Well they're at it again with their crazy ideas in California. First it was a box that could speak to the world (the computer.) Now its a tube of apple stock that will make the world smile. (That's cuttings from apple trees!) With no relation to Apple Inc. or Apple Computers, a California based entrepreneur has come up with a silly way to have fun with the holidays. "Call it my childhood. If I was excited to get a rock as a pet I thought hmmm" My uncle once told me a story of a man that came into his wire rope business asking him for a price to make a leash for this rock. (True story!) Clearly my uncle thought it may be best for the man to leave. Fast forward to 2014 and over 1.2 million rocks have found new homes! I am also used to being asked kindly to leave the room as I've shared my many ideas with friends and family. "Go outside and play in the yard." My father might say "Don't you have something else to do?" Little did I know my future was all around me. First as a design build landscaper, then as creator of the faux hedge, and now selling wood stock (cuttings!)

I was among those who missed out on the meteoric rise of the "other" Apple's stock. So as a lover of all things apple, I thought why not sell my own version? They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away... Well there's no better way to keep the doctor away than to make people smile or laugh. Maybe it will bring just a tiny bit of change... Like the box that speaks to the world (the computer!)

Apple Stock

Certified apple stock

Great for the holidays, stocking stuffers, office parties, white elephants, Chanukah, Kwanza or just plain fun. Great opportunity to start a discussion with kids about the importance of investing.


$8.95 each
free U.S. shipping


Certified apple stock comes in a 6-inch long by 1.5-inch wide white tube with our Apple image centered on the outside and capped on both ends. Included inside are one to three pieces of certified apple stock (determined by thickness, size and variety) and a 8.5 x 5.5-inch certificate of authenticity.

The tube is mailed in a separate envelope, leaving the tube itself suitable for gifting. No mailing labels will be placed on the tube itself.

Apple stock is not edible, for human or animal consumption and not meant for planting purposes. Some apple stock is actually sterilized before sourced. It is not recommend for small children. There are no refunds for apple stock.

Apple stock is a novelty gift and is in no way associated with Apple Computers. Unlike other stocks, ours have no residual value.

Apple Stock is proudly made in America.

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